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Inspiration for Teaching

I found this from the Taittiriya Upanishad while designing a program. It seems to present teaching as an integral part of learning. As if when we know we have an obligation to pass it on. Or, it can be interpreted that teaching supports learning.

When I am preparing to teach something, I sit down and try to anticipate every question that I could be asked by the students, then I look for answers to all those questions. By studying this way I learn more.

Towards the end of the passage, we find the statement that 'there is only self study and teaching.' Sometimes, as a teacher, it feels this way to me.

Practice order and regularity in your life by self-study and teaching,

truth by self-study and teaching,

austerity by self-study and teaching,

restraint of the body by self-study and teaching,

sameness by self-study and teaching,

the upkeep of daily fire sacrifices by self-study and teaching,

the fire sacrifice by self-study and teaching,

honoring the guests by self-study and teaching,

serving the people by self-study and teaching,

raising the offspring by self-study and teaching,

procreation by self-study and teaching,

and training the grandchildren by self-study and teaching.

This is the truth, says Satyavacas, the son of Rathitara. This is austerity says Taponitya son of Parusisti.

This is nothing but self-study and teaching says Naka, the son of Mudgala. That, indeed, is austerity. That, indeed, is austerity.

Taittiriya Upanishad, section 9, verse 1 (likely composed about 6th century BC)

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